Making Sense of Energy

Energy Contracts

It makes sense to lock in. Low energy rates mean long-term savings.

Edmonton, Alberta. Now is the right time for medium to large energy users to sign up for power and gas contracts, according to Solution 105, Edmonton’s leading energy consultancy.

“It is a great time for businesses to lock into a longer-term contract,” enthuses Cam Mitchell, VP Forecasting & Data Analysis. “Electricity contracts can be found at below 6 cents per kilowatt hour levels, which is a terrific rate.” Rates were at 8-9 cents per kilowatt hour at the same time last year.

Locking in for natural gas isn’t quite as obvious, but Solution 105 suggests the upward price risk is quite high, especially if environmental concerns continue to increase around shale gas production. While market rates are a little higher than last year, they are still below the $4 per gigajoule mark and so they’re worth taking a look at.

“The most important aspect of any energy contract is knowing your energy consumption and usage patterns,” Cam explains, “Then you can correctly assess different product types compared to your properties’ forecasted usage”. Making the right choice can mean big savings. In Solution 105’s fourteen year history they have so far saved their clients over $60 M on energy contracts worth over $ 1 B. That’s a whole lot of kilowatts and gigajoules.

Apart from saving money on contract negotiations, Solution 105’s suite of services also guide corporations to becoming responsible stewards of the world’s finite resources and steer them towards reducing their carbon footprint. Manulife Financial, one of the world’s largest insurance companies is the latest company to join the Solution 105 stable, alongside other global leaders such as Bentall Kennedy, Cominar REIT, CREIT, Standard Life, 20 VIC, Midwest Property Management, Harvard Property Management, Melcor Developments, and Westcorp.


Solution 105 is an Edmonton-based measurement and analytics firm that makes sense of the really complicated energy industry, rescuing clients from the dangers and pitfalls of billing errors and industry regulations. Solution 105 helps clients measure and reduce consumption on individual and portfolio properties. Our mission is to create responsible stewardship of resources with a commitment to enhancing a client’s environmental reputation and reducing their footprint. Solution 105 gets the energy industry off our client’s back, so they can get back to work. | Suite 230, 10357-109 Street Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5J 1N3