Making Sense of Energy


We’re proud that most of our clients have been referred by other satisfied customers. Our clients like us because we’ve helped them make sense of really complicated problems and saved them millions of dollars.

Here’s how we’ve helped them, in their own words…

Frank Giugovaz - Operations Manager, Morguard Investments. Ltd.

Thank you Solution 105. [Since de-regulation] the cost saving we benefitted from gave us great confidence in what could be an area of great uncertainty and exposure to open markets…Wishing you continued success and I look forward to calling on you as need arises.

Dale Struthers - P. Eng., Special Projects Consultant, O & Y Enterprise, Toronto.

Since 2002 Solution 105 has identified over $90,000 in billing errors for First Canadian Place, (Toronto) and worked with the utility to get the money back to O & Y. I recommend their services for any other facility.

T.J Crowley - CPM, Senior VP Operations, New West Enterprise Property Group Inc. Alberta

I would recommend that every large user of electricity, natural gas or water call Solution 105 and make use of their expertise and total utility management solutions. They are a very cost effective resource for us and our tenants.

Rhonda Chabot - Supervisor, Trinidad Drilling, Ltd. Alberta.

Solution 105 has absolutely earned its reputable name as one of the most trusted energy consulting firms in North America. Trinidad Drilling Ltd. looks forward to working with the firm for years to come.

Rob Redekop - P. Eng., Customer Relations Manager, Saskatoon Light and Power.

Solution 105 were extremely helpful to our [load profiling] project team.

Their investigation, analysis, reporting and professional manner helped us move to a successful resolution.

We would recommend Solution 105 for their data analysis expertise, load profiling capabilities and their ability to add valuable knowledge to a client’s team.

Mark Conway-Brown - P.Eng., Energy & Facilities Manager, Loblaw Properties West Inc. (Superstore)

We hired Solution 105 to review all bills retroactively to the start of deregulation. The firm liaised directly with the utility company to have the many billing errors corrected. The end result was a very cost effective, complete audit of our electricity bills.

I recommend all businesses complete a bill review process and I highly recommend Solution 105 as an excellent organization for reviewing and advising businesses on all utility management requirements.

Doug Sharp - Director of Facilities, Red Deer College.

The team at Solution 105 has been engaged to play a key role in our utility strategy. Red Deer College looks forward to working with the firm for years to come.

Natalia Goulart - Operations, Oxford Properties Group, Edmonton.

The Tenant Meter Read and Bill Program for our Retail tenants is an effective way to not only measure our tenant’s monthly consumption but as well gives us the control to ensure we recoup electricity bills in a timely manner. I would recommend using Solution 105 for this type of service as they strive to give unsurpassed service and valuable solutions.

Catherine Bergamo - RPA, Property Manager, Melcor Developments Ltd, Edmonton.

We are very happy with our involvement with Solution 105 and as we purchase new buildings, we will continue to use Solution 105 with pride to achieve our utility management goals.

Ralph Huizinga - Property Manager, Canada Safeway

The team at Solution 105 has continually met and exceeded all of our expectations. The firm has suggested innovative costs savings opportunities and assisted us with valued added billing strategies. They are proactive, professional and committed to the continued development of unique approaches to a demanding energy environment.

David Lesanko - P.Eng., Director, Facilities Operations, N.A.I.T, Alberta

Solution 105 has consistently proven itself as an excellent identifier of unique opportunities to save energy costs. The firm is always up to date on new market opportunities and always keeps the best interests of its clients as top priority.

We have relied on the expertise of Solution 105 for several years and will continue to engage the firm in our energy management initiatives. Their proactive approach and ongoing commitment to clients will ensure that Solution 105 continues to be a market leader.

E.K Hollins - Supervisor, Energy Management, Edmonton Catholic Schools

Solution 105 has been a key partner in our utility management initiatives. Among other vital assistance, the firm provides monthly benchmarking reports that detail the consumption efficiency of each of our schools. Edmonton Catholic Schools looks forward to working with the firm for years to come.

Randy Ferguson - VP Edmonton, Oxford Properties Group

As our energy consultant of choice, Solution 105 is an integral contributor to our energy management strategy. We have established a relationship which will benefit both companies well into the future and have no hesitancy in recommending Solution 105 as an energy consultant.

John W. Smith - Senior VP, Oxford Properties Group, Western Canada, Calgary

We have realized significant savings through Solution 105’s ongoing expert advice and innovative cost saving opportunities. Their combined knowledge of the energy industry and the real estate industry has been very advantageous to our business objectives.