BOMA Operating
Cost Survey

  • Are your property taxes higher or lower than others?

  • Are your operating costs higher than comparable buildings?

  • Want to know how your property management

    portfolio compares to others?

We can help you find answers to those questions. Solution 105 is in the business of helping building and operations managers save time and money by aggregating utility data and creating comprehensive reports.

These reports will offer solutions for improving efficiencies in energy usage.

Understanding the BOMA Operating Cost Survey

As a service to BOMA members and in partnership with BOMA Canada and BOMA Locals, Solution 105 has created the Operating Cost Survey. The operating cost survey will help you to confront cost concerns pertaining to utilities, taxes and overall operating costs.

Compare key operating costs on your property, including:

  • Utility costs and usage.
  • Property taxes.
  • Total operating costs.
  • Parking statistics.

Each BOMA Local receives its own Survey, as well as the National Survey. After filling out a few quick questions you’ll receive a free copy of the overall report, an invaluable reference tool for your business that can help you start saving money today. Investing a bit of your time to fill out the survey will allow us to assess your situation, provide the comprehensive data you need to better manage your operating costs and start saving you money. It’s a minimal investment with a huge return.

If you have additional questions concerning the BOMA operating cost survey, then please contact one of our energy consultants today.