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Solution 105’ers live, eat and breathe our company values–our staff are our brand ambassadors.

Here’s what each has to say about why they love their job, their most memorable moment at work, and what they do for fun.

Chris Vilcsak, President & CEO

chrisThe best thing about S105 is the people I work with and the people I work for. It’s a joy when we all come together and creatively solve whatever problem our client is facing.

My most memorable moment at S105 was our 10th Birthday Celebration, our big client (and their families) appreciation party, held at the Telus Science Centre. It really hit home that the greatest gift we give our clients is saving them time, so they can enjoy themselves and spend more time with their families. The other highlight of the night was laying the foundation for an environmental focus for the future of S105.

For fun I love being outside – kayaking, mountain climbing, downhill skiing. And, traveling to remote areas, in foreign lands. I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist, passionate about helping people move forward into the life they want… mostly getting out of their own way and learning from their past rather than taking their past with them.
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Tara Timinski, VP Corporate Services

taraI’m proud to wear many hats at S105. Okay, people say I’m bossy. But I sure do get things done–accounting, HR, marketing, special event planning, employee satisfaction…and lots more. I love the flexibility of my job, the people I work with and a perfect work–life balance. My girls grew up in the office from six weeks of age. Their ultimate playdate is coming to work and playing with our President, Chris. He makes the best forts.

My favourite memories at S105? Client open houses, Christmas parties, BBQ’s, volunteering at the Food Bank, office moves, our 10th birthday party at the Telus Centre, winning the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award…

My family is my passion. Two girls under five keeps me busy. I let off steam at bootcamp, yoga and zumba, and relax with photography and gardening. At the end of the day, the one thing I love most is a great glass of red.
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Les Cebula, Senior IT Developer

lesI’m the S105 IT developer extraordinaire. My colleagues are always throwing me new challenges and it’s great to tackle them and keep on learning.

I love the chilled-out atmosphere at S105 and sharing interests with co-workers who are like friends. I’m really proud of S105’s many accolades, like the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award and Alberta Venture’s Best Workplace.

My best times at S105 is when the team lets loose at BBQ’s and Christmas parties. It’s fantastic to be encouraged to bring my young boys Nataniel and Dominik to the office too. And Gucci, my loveable boxer dog. My favourite thing to do is spend time with the boys and my adorable wife, Marta. To relax you’ll find me playing soccer, watching movies and–go figure–building and repairing computers.
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Randy Graf, IT Developer Consultant

If it seems impossible at first glance, that’s my kind of problem. The tougher the challenge, the more motivated I am to mentor and teach our IT team to find a way of solving the difficulty.

Call it denial of our Alberta winters, but I like to wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts all year round. Indeed I showed up that way for our ‘formal’ Christmas party one year–worth every second of seeing Tara and Michelle lose their minds until I changed into something more appropriate.

I’m very handy with a billiard cue, woodwork and making Christmas gifts for the S105 team. My hand carved trivets and cookie batter in a jar seem to go down particularly well with my colleagues.

Relaxation also comes from time outdoors hiking and camping with my two sons, Evan & Dion and wife Felicity.
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Cameron Mitchell, VP Data Analysis and Forecasting

cameronI’m proud to call myself employee #1 at Solution 105. Considering I was the first company employee back in 1999, I think that’s fair.

I’m the resident energy industry expert, number cruncher and cracker of whips in the Data Analysis and Forecasting department. You should see how excited I get when I find billing errors that save our clients lots of money. Yes, sounds corny, but what I love most about my job is helping our clients. Flexible hours and control over my own work also make my job great.

In my spare time I dream of and practice to win a major tennis or PGA golf tournament. I spend half my year obsessing over fantasy football and the other half fixated with the hockey drafts. The very best thing of all time at S105 is that I found my wife Tara here. Together we are proud to have collaborated on our two beautiful girls, Riley & Ruby.
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Michelle Roth, Office Manager

michelleCall me ‘Mish’, please. I run a tight ship and make sure the office works smoothly and efficiently from top to bottom. The best thing about S105 is that we all work really hard but the office is so laid back, no one gets stressed out. It’s a ‘good feeling’ balance I’ve never experienced anywhere else at work. I admit it, I’m probably a ‘lifer’ at S105.

My most memorable moment is when my mom came as my ‘date’ to our 2011 Christmas party and became one of the S105 family.

My all-time favourite pastime is reading.I can read a book in one night and love to let my imagination take over. I live near Alberta Beach with my hubby, Dave and four-legged children, Suzy, Porter, Mable and Peanut.
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Keith Kowalsky, Data Analyst

keithI had such a good time as a Co-op student learning the ropes from Aaron and the phenomenal Solution 105 team, I just had to come back–now as a University of Alberta Business Grad. Yes I’m proud.

I find the energy industry a constant source of fascination. Where are new resources being found? What new technologies are emerging? How our world changes as a result.

Call me a geek too, but I love the lure of data analysis and using my smarts to dig into a client’s energy usage and figure our where things are going wrong and where they are going right. Accurate forecasts? That’s satisfaction for me.

Outside work I like playing video games, reading, keeping fit and keeping in touch with friends. Which often means going to University events offering free food. I may be frugal with money now, but that’s because one day I hope to build an empire of rental properties in Edmonton and/or Calgary.
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