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Utility Contract Negotiation

Let’s get you the best deal possible on your utilities. We can tackle the microscopic details of your energy contracts.

We’ve been negotiating utility contracts since 2000,

Solution 105 has helped organizations negotiate natural gas and electricity contracts since 2000, before deregulation, and on a strictly independent, third-party basis. We have comprehensive data and extensive knowledge of the utility market. We know how to shop around and get you the best deal!

Solution 105 makes sense of complicated utility contracts. We’re also experts when it comes to utility contract negotiation. You’ll get a 100% objective analysis and expert recommendations for which product and retailer is the best fit for your business.

Our contract negotiation process goes like this:

  • Meet to understand your business, risk tolerance, and most important factors
  • Determine your load requirements
  • Request initial price quotations and contracts from retailers
  • Review quotes, do a price analysis, and make a shortlist
  • Review contract terms and conditions
  • Get final quotes with pricing
  • Review quotes and analysis
  • Submit recommendations
  • Complete negotiation
  • Guide you through the next steps!
Contract Negotiation

These steps can cover multiple sites or facilities if the requirements for contract terms and conditions are consistent. The type of contracts we work with include Blocked Products, Load Following Agreements, Flow-Through Products, Contract for Differences and other utility contracts.

We understand that electricity and natural gas contracts can get overwhelming very quickly. Complete knowledge of how the market prices utilities and measures usage is critical to reducing energy costs. Solution 105 has saved our clients millions of dollars through utility contract negotiation. Let us do the same for you.

How Solution 105 is different from energy brokers

Unlike energy brokers, Solution 105 is not affiliated with or receives compensation from retailers. This position allows for objective, independent advice that ensures we work for our client’s best interests.  In addition, our non-affiliated position means we haven’t marked up retailer prices, and you receive the best available prices in the marketplace. Solution 105 offers reasonable fees compared to expensive energy brokers, which translates to long-term energy and cost savings for our clients.