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Utility Bill Tracking

If you can measure it, you can improve it. Tracking your utility bill can save you thousands to millions of dollars annually.

Our user-friendly online utility bill tracking system can:

  • Allow access to data from anywhere, online, 24/7.
  • Identify usage patterns and highlight deviations.
  • Set benchmarks and budgets for single or multiple sites.
  • Quickly identify discrepancies and incorrect billing.
  • Easily track and report electricity, natural gas and water usage.
  • Monitor usage against volumes in existing contracts on an hourly, monthly and annual basis.
  • Graph bills for any specific time period.
  • Identify and reward sites with best practices.
  • Identify sites needing capital upgrades.

Using this accurate, cost-effective utility management tool makes sense financially, operationally, and environmentally.

Making sense of the energy market

Save Money with Bill Tracking

Save Money with Bill Tracking

You can only fix a problem if you know what and where it is and how to fix it. That’s where Solution 105 comes in. We will pinpoint areas of high consumption and find a solution to reduce those so you start saving money on your utility bills.