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About Us

Saving on your energy bill is good for your business and the planet. Let’s light a path toward a more sustainable future together.

Our Values


Passion drives us to save energy and use resources as efficiently and carefully as possible. Our mission is to reduce consumption and the impact of your carbon footprint on the planet and on your cash flow. The world’s resources are limited and it’s our duty to encourage and advise you how to use only as much as you need.



We make sense of any question you may have about energy by using the latest hard and soft technologies to create systems and crunch data into meaningful reports and predictive trends. We get to the heart of really, really complicated problems and find easy to understand solutions that are practical to implement.


Boy, are we ever resourceful and experienced problem-solvers. We see the big picture and work out just the right solution to get to the chosen, specific goal. We are the MacGyvers of the electricity industry, coming up with genius solutions. Not as handsome, admittedly, but just as resourceful.


Your problem is unique and our solutions are just as flexible. We bend and stretch to come up with just the right tailor made answer, just for you, depending on your resources and comfort zone. Always available when you need us, always ready with something extra. No matter how difficult the problem.


We are smart. We need to be, to make sense of all the industry standards and regulations and to stay up to date with all the environmental, social and political factors, which could affect and inform the best solution we create for you.


It’s our greatest pleasure. Working in partnership with clients. We listen and work with you every step of the way to collect research, data and all the different perspectives in your organization that must be taken into account, so that our solutions make sense to everyone.


We are fantastic listeners and really easy to talk to. A great relationship with you is what makes us successful, and great relationships are built on honest, clear communication. We are approachable, available and there when you need us.


We feel your pain. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to make really important decisions on really complex issues, that are tough to understand, especially when you have less than perfect information. We know that’s how it feels dealing with the energy industry, so we do our absolute best to find out where your particular pain point is and find the best remedy.


“Is this decision in the client’s best long term interest?” That’s our mantra. Your needs are always first. We never, ever take shortcuts. We pride ourselves on being totally authentic, transparent, honest and 100% trustworthy.

Imagine a world where everyone uses resources responsibly. No waste. Everyone shares fairly.

We’re on a mission to create systems and solutions, so every dollar you save also helps save the planet. Oh, and we save you time and take out the stress, too. Added bonus.

Our goal is to build your reputation and reduce your carbon footprint one solution at a time. A win-win all-around. 

Which is why letting us sort out your energy portfolio makes perfect sense.