Making Sense of Energy


When it comes to consuming energy, it makes sense to use only as much as you need to run your organization efficiently.

Whatever your role in your company, we’ll help you make sense of it all so you can make smart decisions that save time and money while building your reputation as a responsible user of resources.


For Operations Managers we turn complicated decisions into common sense. We wade through and simplify the swamp of data analysis and the confusion around rates and regulations into easily understandable forecasts. Once you’re armed with a benchmark of what energy your property should be using, compared to actual usage over time, you’ll be able to identify billing issues in the short term and make changes to better-manage consumption in the longer term.


Solution 105 makes complete sense financially. We’ve saved companies across North America and Asia more than $60 M by identifying billing mistakes and negotiating great deals on energy contracts.


It makes sense to have a common tracking system across your portfolio of properties so there’s consistency of data, comparative budgeting and benchmark reporting on which of your properties performs best.


Perfect sense for the environment. What makes sense for your profit and loss statement also makes sense for the planet. When you save money by reducing your carbon footprint, the earth smiles back and staff and stakeholders are happy you’re doing your part for the earth.


Submetering. So obvious. If you know you’re only paying for exactly what you use, you’ll use less. When tenants are individually responsible for their energy bills, they use 15% less energy compared to those who pay a flat rate as part of their condo fees or commercial rent. The solution, a submeter connected to the mains, for every residential tenant or commercial renter.


A special service for BOMA members, the Operating Cost Survey, designed for property managers to compare their portfolio’s performance with best energy practices. If you’re a BOMA member you’ll appreciate the research and benefits the survey brings you.


Every penny you spend with us brings you operational, financial and environmental rewards. Do you need us to take care of everything in your utilities portfolio? Then, our Platinum Package is the right one for you. Or, perhaps you just need the comfort of knowing we’ve got all your bases covered and you can call us for advice. Our Silver Package covers that.

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