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BOMA BEST Sustainable Certification

The BOMA BEST Sustainable certification program provides a road map for building managers and owners who want to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their sites. With more tenants seeking green-certified buildings, this certification is essential to lower vacancy rates and increase revenue.

Solution 105 can help you through the process.

Why BOMA BEST Sustainable?

BOMA BEST Sustainable is North America’s leading sustainable certification program for existing buildings. BOMA BEST Sustainable is a proven building management tool that will help you reduce water use and waste, improve accessibility and equity, decarbonize, and navigate climate risk for your buildings.

The program provides consistent instructions and an outline to help reduce environmental impact, improve performance, and make building operations more sustainable. It applies to buildings of all types and sizes and can help you reduce energy consumption and save money. 

Responsible tenants are looking for green-certified buildings. Buildings with BOMA BEST Sustainable certification typically charge up to 7% higher rents. In addition, green-certified buildings have a 3.5% lower vacancy rate.

Making sense of the energy market

Solution 105 can help with the certification process

Solution 105 is well-versed in building sustainability and management and works closely with BOMA Canada and its programs. We can take the time-consuming task of collecting documents and drafting policies off your plate. Here’s how we can help:

Compile Best Practices and Policies Documentation

  • Complete the necessary interviews to identify existing policies and procedures.
  • Gather any existing and relevant reports or documentation available.
  • Creating any pieces that are missing, including drafting policies where needed.
  • Submit all responses directly into BOMA’s online system.
  • Build application binders for each building site.

Complete Energy, Carbon, and Water Assessments

  • Perform site visits.
  • Develop a utility usage baseline.
  • Run a report on each site’s carbon emission history.
  • Run a report on each site’s GHG emission intensity.
  • Recommend energy conservation measures and a Net Zero transition target.
  • Complete audit reports for each site.

Are you ready to improve sustainability and efficiency, save money, and boost your reputation with a BOMA BEST Sustainable certification? Let’s get started.

Our services exclude any policy or work pertaining to Hazardous Materials, including PCB and silica, environmental audits, and waste audits.