• Which of your sites operates most efficiently?

  • What do you need to do to get all of your sites operating efficiently?

Benchmarking electricity, natural gas and water usage for each site in your portfolio is a key tool in identifying best-practice properties and those that might need operational or capital upgrades to function efficiently.

Benchmarking gathers information vital to your energy costs including:

  • cost per square foot.
  • consumption per square foot.
  • cost per kWh.
  • customizable units, e.g cost per hotel bed, cost per school room.

This data will show you exactly where and how you are spending money on energy so you can improve efficiency property to property.


Our Energy Benchmarking Solutions

Our energy management consultants have the tools and know-how to efficiently track and benchmark your utilities. We will help you to move forward with fine tuning your budget, providing detailed reports of usage and cost, so you can better understand where to make cuts and improvements.

Let us focus on your utility budgeting so you can get back to business knowing you’re improving efficiencies and saving money.