Load Profiling
& Budget Creation

  • Want to accurately forecast your energy consumption?
  • Need a common budgeting system across your properties so you can tell which performs best?

Detailed operating budgets are a critical part of your job as an operations or financial manager. You need to accurately forecast energy consumption on all your buildings so you can manage cash flow and know exactly how much to charge your tenants for electricity, natural gas and water usage.

Well-developed operating budgets will also allow you to prepare for factors that might affect your energy consumption so that your facility or site doesn’t deviate drastically from your budget.

Budgeting for a business is crucial, keeping on top of the companies finances and making sure all that is needed to, is being put back into the business to keep it running is fundamental, businesses can download a budget app to help keep track of business outgoings and incomings for their peace of mind.

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The benefits of load profiling and a common budgeting system on all the sites in your portfolio:

  • Consistency of analysis and reporting between properties and/or sites
  • Comparative benchmarking
  • Identifies best practices
  • Identifies capital upgrades needed to reduce operating costs
  • Saves time, energy and money

How we create a usage model:

Solution 105 will create a detailed usage analysis and budget by collecting raw utility data to assess your load profile and better understand how and when energy is consumed. We will start researching and analysing the effects on your energy consumption by asking questions about past consumption and what factors have affected usage. These factors could include weather, vacancy rates, operational conditions, previous energy efficiency projects, production schedules, etc. Here are the steps we will take:
  • Obtain the latest metering data from the historic utility,
  • Obtain the monthly billing data for your site(s) for the same period,
  • Obtain site-specific parameters broken down by day/week/month, including any significant changes in factors like hours of operation, weather, production schedules, vacancy, major operational changes, etc.
  • Using the detailed metering and site-specific information available, we will determine the effect of all variables on the daily energy usage,
  • Determine the hourly load profiles where applicable
  • And finally, confirm the theoretical baseline curve against actual usage information.
The above steps will allow Solution 105 to create a usage model that will forecast historic and current load profiles for your site and/or facilities, giving you a much more detailed understating of expected operations. Contact us for more details on the exact steps we will take to achieve your usage model.

How we use a usage model to save you energy:

Once we know how you’re consuming energy and exactly what affects your usage, we can create an accurate forecast of future consumption. Yearly, monthly, daily and even hour-by-hour estimates of your consumption can be predicted. That’s powerful information for determining deviations in your budget and creating a common budgeting system. Here is how Solution 105 will create energy usage forecasts for your facility or site(s):
  • Gather forecast values for the required variables for the future period, considering operational changes and other factors that might affect consumption.
  • Use the 5-year average weather data to ensure weather normalization
  • Apply the model developed in the steps above to determine forecasts of the monthly energy usage.
  • Develop scenarios as required and/or requested to show the sensitivity of energy usage to factors like weather, hours of operation, occupancy, production schedules, etc.
Contact us for more information on how we will utilize your usage model to save you energy and money.

Welcome to your new and improved detailed common budgeting system!

This last step is perhaps the most valuable! After taking the steps above, Solution 105 will provide a final budget that breaks down the diverse and complex retail, transportation and other regulated charges so you can see overall end costs. We can provide you with a final budget complete with month-to-month costs. Solution 105 will take the following steps for each of your utility meters:
  • Develop a calculation model for the transportation cost that is based on each utilities approved distribution and transmission rates. Then we’ll apply the historic load pattern.
  • Apply the forecast load profile to determine the expected retail cost.
  • Determine additional costs of delivering energy to arrive at a ‘total expected cost’ value.
Solution 105 has been providing load profiling, usage models and accurate consumption forecasts for a wide variety of clients with forecasts having an average variation of less than 3%. These companies rely on us to save them time and energy with professional expertise. We can do the same for you. Contact the professional energy consultants at Solution 105 today!