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Education Leads to Action: Earth Day 2015

Solution 105 provides a very analytical approach to energy consumption. Being an energy consulting firm and inherently caring a great deal about the environment, the month of April has a lot of significance for us. This is because on April 22nd it is Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated each year and is the largest environmental event in the world! Solution 105 joins the more than 6 million Canadians by participating in Earth Day activities happening in local communities. This day exists to foster and celebrate healthy respect for the environment, action and a change in behavior that will lessen our impact on the earth. Learn more about Earth Day 2015 and discover Earth Day events and challenges in your neighbourhood!

Here are some of the reasons Earth Day is so important:


Education is one of the main initiatives of Earth Day. Through heightened awareness and understanding of our natural environment, Earth Day hopes to encourage Canadians to become environmentally responsible and develop a lifestyle that is more sustainable and uses less energy. This educational opportunity is for huge corporations running a network of factories or commercial services internationally to everyday families in your neighborhood. When we are knowledgeable about how our behaviors impact the earth, we can make simple changes in our everyday lives and operations that will have a positive effect on the environment. Education is the key to knowing what changes to make, which is why it’s so important that resources are made and distributed to ensure all people understand the importance of Earth Day. Some companies have been producing booklets from Printivity, and other similar companies, to educate others by explaining what Earth Day is and how we can all play our part. These booklets can be handed out to the public, ensuring that more awareness is spread. Another way to educate yourself on the environment and sustainability is by looking at websites like There is so much information on the internet nowadays so it’s well worth using it! Education is so important for Earth Day.

Solution 105 is committed to the environment offering environmental solutions to our clients that are designed to reduce energy consumption and save money. Whether you run a large mall or are the superintendent of a multi-tenant building, we can help you identify over-usage areas and develop solutions to reduce your energy challenges. We will also track the results of your energy-saving changes to confirm the savings and efficiencies.


Now that we are educated on what we can do to reduce our impact on the environment, it’s time to put that knowledge to action. Earth Day helps people and businesses create campaigns, contests, and other events that help challenge communities to change their behavior when it comes to the environment. The goal is to make Earth Day everyday by making habits to reduce energy use, waste, and carbon footprints.

Large corporations can take action by changing their workplace culture and encouraging environmentally friendly practices among employees and their operational activities. Setting higher standards for energy efficiency in the workplace can make a big difference and transfer into the personal lives of employees.

Large corporations can benefit from Solution 105’s real time monitoring and alarming. This service provides 24/7 energy intelligence. You’ll be able to access your energy consumption data anytime, anywhere, and use the data to control your usage and costs. Real time monitoring and alarming makes companies more aware of their wasteful tendencies and helps them to reduce energy consumption where needed. They can notice how operational changes affect their energy output and initiate plans to be more energy efficient.


Earth Day is about coming together to support and promote one common goal that is important to all of us. The health of our earth has an impact on our global population! April 22nd is an opportunity for the world to learn how to be good stewards of this beautiful earth and take action to protect it. We can come together as a global community and help one another contribute to reducing the negative impact we have on the planet. Whether you want to do this by contacting a Waste Recycling Service Australia or by walking to work every day, every little helps!

To learn about getting involved with Earth Day, contact Earth Day Canada. There is definitely something you can do to lend a helping hand in making Earth Day 2015 the best one yet.

Solution 105 Can Help!

Contact Solution 105 if you have any questions about our energy programs, or you would like a free consultation. Your energy issues matter to us and we want to develop a solution that will reduce energy consumption and save you money. Each dollar we save you is also helping the earth and that is a win win situation.

We will be celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd and we hope you will too. With education, action and togetherness we can help make the earth a better place to live.