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Residential Energy Rates in Alberta: Natural Gas Update

Special Edition

By Cameron Mitchell

Solution 105 Consulting Ltd.


As noted in the February 2023 edition, we have been carefully monitoring natural gas rates, and we were considering making a change. Well, the time to switch seems to be upon us!

I will be moving my natural gas supply to Direct Energy Regulated Services (“DERS”) effective March 1, cancelling my ATCO $3.99/GJ fixed rate.

We expect the DERS rate for March to be $2.222 per GJ, and the rest of 2023 looks like it will be coming in below $3/GJ. Forward market rates out to 2027 have dropped below $4/GJ, so this might be a longer-term change unless a better fixed-rate option comes around.

To put things into perspective, I expect this change will save about $1.50 per GJ. Based on my annual use of 100 GJ per year, I should save around $150 per year.

Note that this is just a quick update as to what I am up to. If you also want to make the switch, it should be easy. You can call DERS at 1-866-420-3174. There should be no fee with DERS to move, but make sure your current provider doesn’t have any fees to swap. Most will not.

Stay warm!