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Solution 105 Offers BOMA BESt Application Services

BOMA BESt is the Canadian industry standard for commercial building sustainability certification. With a focus on utilities it gives large building owners and property management companies accreditation that shows they are committed to high environmental performance and management for their commercial buildings.

The critical areas that are assessed are:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste Reduction and Site
  • Emissions and Effluents
  • Indoor Environment
  • Environmental Management Systems

“Companies who are certified now have proof that they’re achieving high standards when it comes to the environment and efficiency,” said Keith Kowalsky of Solution 105. “It also allows them to improve on their operations.”

With a stronger focus on environmental stewardship and energy efficiency, certain tenants will require BOMA BESt certification of property managers. They want to make sure these properties are sustainable, that the company cares about the environment and that they’re constantly working towards becoming more efficient.

“There are so many benefits to having BOMA BESt and tenant satisfaction is one of the biggest reasons,” shared Kowalsky. “As a property manager you will attract the best tenants and you’ll get a higher level of customer satisfaction.”

The program offers assessment and certification to the following types of buildings: office, open air retail, light industrial, shopping centres, multi-unit residential buildings and health care facilities.

There are four levels of certification:

boma best levels

Not only will Solution 105 help you obtain your BOMA BESt certification, we can also help you accomplish a higher score. Our services like energy and water auditing, utility monitoring and submetering services all work towards certification requirements and can help you achieve a higher ranking.

“The best way to get started is to have you operations and property management person contact Solution 105. From there we will give them all the information, have a meeting where we can walk them through the process, show them what’s involved and how we can help,” said Kowalsky.

Ready to get started? Contact Solution 105 today!