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Summer Energy Savings: Tips & Tricks

When hot summer weather creeps its way into the home it can be tempting to crank up the air conditioning and forget all about energy consumption concerns. Air conditioning is often overused, but there are ways to cut down on your dependence on artificial cooling. By taking a few simple steps you can reduce your carbon footprint this summer, while escaping the heat at the same time. Below are just a handful of ways to save energy during the seasonal heat:

  1. Turn Off Air Conditioning When Not Necessary

Many people tend to leave the air conditioner running all of the time, even when they aren’t home. This ends up cooling the home for no reason and, as a result, is a waste of energy. There is no point cooling your house if you’re not there, so you should always turn the appliance or system off before you leave for an extended period of time. This can include longer absences, such as vacation, as well as shorter ones, like while you’re at work or gone for the weekend. Note that this tip also applies to businesses; when not in the office you should adjust temperature settings to reduce use of electricity.

Additionally, you should turn off air conditioning when the weather permits you to do so. Every now and then there are cooler days, during which air conditioning isn’t necessary. At these times you should power down your machine or system and open up the windows. Likewise, you may want to turn off air conditioning at night when you are sleeping and open the window, as it is likely cool outside. Come morning, shut all of your windows to trap the cool air inside, further decreasing your need for electricity.

  1. Use Fans

If you have an in-window air conditioner then you can use a fan to circulate the air, rather than raising the setting on the air conditioner. Even better, you can turn off the AC and rely on the breeze from the fan to cool you down. Remember to turn off these devices when you’re not in the room, however, because they do not actually have a cooling effect temperature-wise and will do nothing but blow air around while you aren’t present.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Power

You’ll need to use more energy for cooling if you’re generating excess heat in your home. Don’t use lights when they aren’t needed, especially if they’re incandescent. Incandescent bulbs generate significantly more heat than their fluorescent counterparts, which are designed to be much more energy-efficient. Avoid cooking with the oven as it will heat your kitchen, and potentially your entire home as well.

Additionally, you can see that you choose electricity suppliers sydney (or where you are based) who can provide you with a smart meter that can keep track of your electricity consumption. Such smart technologies can easily aid in saving electricity bills.

  1. Keep Cold Air From Escaping

Seal any cracks in your home that may be letting cold air out and hot air in. Moreover, make sure that you have energy-efficient windows installed that won’t let the warmth seep its way in. Caulk any cracks that appear and apply weather stripping. Finally, don’t leave any doors or windows open while your cooling system is active. Your air conditioning unit may be working overtime due to this, however, you will need to get an ac repair to make sure it is running effectively and it is not old and breaking down. Regular maintenance and inspection of the air filters of your air conditioner will keep it running efficiently for a long time. However, if it is then it may be time to fit in a new one using a company like Valley Service to make this possible so you are not wasting money.

In essence, following these four useful tips will help you save energy during the summer. Saving energy will not only save you money but also minimize your negative impact on the planet. At Solution 105 we help companies save money and the environment every day in their operations.

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