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Virtual Energy Consulting Services Amid COVID-19


Having remote-monitoring services in place for your utilities makes sense, and the pandemic shutdown has brought this into sharp focus. Solution 105 has helped many clients identify opportunities to save energy without visiting their sites. As an example, one specific change we identified within a building’s operating schedule will save our client over $27K/year with zero impact on their tenants.

Operating costs for almost all buildings have dropped as a result of the #workfromhome movement. We have assisted our clients who are building owners and managers by re-forecasting their utility budgets and identifying the specific savings they should have experienced by the end of the year. This enables them to immediately reduce operating costs being paid by tenants rather than wait for credit at the year-end adjustment.

Lastly, we are still able to provide other energy consultancy services to clients during these challenging times and can do so virtually and at a safe distance. This includes audit bills, fix mistakes, supply and install submeters, benchmark properties, and comparing performance across a portfolio.

Save time, headaches, and manage the pitfalls of dealing with a really complicated industry.