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Utility Contract Negotiation: Energy Broker vs. Solution 105

Type of Building:
11 small commercial buildings

Utility Contract Negotiation


Savings: Over $26/MWh, equating to almost $15,000/year and nearly $75,000 over the 5-year contract

The Story

A medium-sized customer with 11 small commercial buildings required utility contract negotiations and management for its electricity use.

They engaged an energy broker and Solution 105 for a quote. Both the quote and the annual commodity cost with the broker were much higher than Solution 105’s. The client decided to go with Solution 105, which saved them $14,717 annually and $73,584 over the five-year contract term.

Our fee to the client was $4,000, which was entirely recovered in savings in just over three months. We’ve provided the data in the chart below.

Energy Broker vs.
Solution 105

Solution 105 has helped negotiate natural gas and electricity contracts since 2000, before deregulation. We are strictly independent and work as a third party. Unlike energy brokers, we are not affiliated with and do not receive compensation from energy retailers. Our independent position allows us to provide clear, objective advice for our clients that are in their best interest.

Our non-affiliated position means we have not marked up retailer prices, and you will get the best price available on the market. In addition, our service fees are very reasonable compared to costly energy broker feeds. Choosing Solution 105 for your utility contract negotiation will result in long-term energy and cost savings.

Contract Negotiation