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Keep It Clean, Keep It Green: The Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning

The idea of getting solar power systems installation fitted is becoming increasingly popular for both homeowners and businesses, as they provide an eco-friendly energy alternative.

Having a deep cycle solar battery and solar panels can earn you a lot of money if you do it efficently. At a time when fossil fuels are being consumed more than ever, those investing in solar panels are doing their part in reducing their carbon footprint. The large rooftop solar panels used in most of these instances work much like the solar cells on your everyday calculator. They are constructed of semi-conductors that use sunlight to displace electrons and create electrical energy. The energy generated by panels is supposed to act as a return on the investment, but many people fail to properly maintain the investment to keep its return flowing. If you don’t know much about solar panels, visit website to learn more. More specifically, the technology’s surface can become obstructed by leaves, water streaking, and windborne dust, thus reducing the effectiveness by anywhere from 15 to 25 percent. Essentially, cleaning your solar panels can make or break the ROI that comes with green energy generation.

How Often Should Panels Be Cleaned?

The frequency of cleaning varies depending on the location. For residential solar panels, it is recommended that they be cleaned every 6-12 months, while a more commercial or industrial setting requires maintenance every 6 months. Farm areas, which are prone to grime and dirt require cleaning every 3-4 months. Essentially, the frequency is dependent on the exposure of panels to dirt. In a clear area, they will need little maintenance, but if there are fumes and/or dirt in the air then they can be easily covered, and thus need to be scrubbed down more regularly.

How Should They Be Cleaned?

You can’t just use a Bissell vacuum to clean them, can you! Most manufacturers recommend that panels be cleaned only with pure water and not tap water. Pure water does not contain any dissolved minerals, which have the ability to leave behind a tough film that is even more difficult to remove than the initial dirt. Some people will try and use traditional window cleaner for cleaning, but the chemicals can potentially damage the panels. The chemicals can also become a safety risk due to the electric nature of the technology; this risk is not present with windows. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer to find out details about washing panels, or contact a professional solar cleaning service.

What Return Is Expected From Cleaning?

The return on cleaning varies from case to case typically, and there are many variables involved, including the age of the technology and the position of the solar panels. The range is quite broad, anywhere from 8-10% all the way up to just below 40%. Typically 20-25% is the median increase of electricity output after a cleaning, according to solar companies.

In essence, cleaning solar panels is an important part of maintaining the investment for the greatest possible return. At Solution 105, we salute those taking the necessary steps to be environmentally friendly, and are dedicated to helping our valued customers make the most of their energy solutions. We have worked with a great number of companies to maximize energy efficiency, identify problems in operations, and benchmark consumption. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business cut costs and help the environment along the way.