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Three Ways to Make Your Home Greener

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At Solution 105 it’s our business to help companies reduce their expenses and their ecological impact, but we understand that energy reduction isn’t limited to industry. Rather, saving energy should also be an initiative in the home. Every day millions of people waste energy needlessly when they could be taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint even if it’s about making small changes. There are many steps that people can take to reduce the amount of energy they use. This could even mean getting in touch with an energy company like TXU electric, in the hopes of finding a better deal when it comes to lowering the usage.

The appliances that you use may be having a detrimental impact on your home, and you may need to have a look at somewhere like Product Expert for some appliances that are greener.

Below are 3 easy tweaks you can do to minimize the impact of your daily life on the planet:

Use LED Light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are known for wasting energy; instead of simply producing light, these outdated bulbs also use up much of their energy in producing heat as well. This ultimately wastes electricity and lights the home less efficiently. Replace your old incandescent bulbs with LED ones, as they are much more eco-friendly. While fluorescent lighting uses 75% less energy than its predecessor and requires less wattage to produce the same amount of light, LED lighting goes a step further. LED lighting uses 7.5 watts of energy as opposed to the 13 watts used by fluorescents and the 60 watts used by incandescent lights. Additionally, over the life of one LED bulb adds up to 60,000 hours, meaning much lower maintenance costs than with the 1500 hours an incandescent bulb will last. Therefore, the installation of these bulbs across the home can add up to save a great deal of money over time. LED lights can also be dimmed, further reducing the electrical output. The Philips Hue lighting module is an example of a complete system that allows the user to remotely control the intensity of the light being transmitted from the LEDs. This allows for further savings to be made within your home. As a whole, the installation of these bulbs or systems works on two fronts: they reduce energy consumption in the home and save homeowners money along the way. My friend suggested that certain home lighting design can improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy usage. It might be worth considering if you’re doing your best to use the least amount of energy.

Replace Old Appliances

Older appliances weren’t designed with eco-friendliness in mind and guzzle unnecessary amounts of energy. This excessive consumption harms the environment while costing you more than you should be paying. Approximately $150 is wasted per year on energy by homeowners with old refrigerators alone. Newer models are specifically designed to be less damaging to the environment. Ideally, look for appliances that have the “Energy Star” logo. This small label indicates that the appliance consumes anywhere from 10-50% less resources than a standard model of the same appliance. This isn’t electricity specific, and can refer to water consumption as well. By tossing out old, beaten up, energy-devouring machines in your home, you can start making a difference with cleaner appliances.

Eliminate Disposable Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles waste a ton of resources and energy each year. It is estimated that each person in the U.S. is responsible for about 95 water bottles every year. It makes a lot more sense to use reusable water bottles with tap water, which can be filtered if desired. In fact, 40% of bottled water begins as tap water anyways, so purchasing water in bottles is fundamentally absurd. About 30 billion disposable water bottles are produced every year in the U.S. alone, creating a concerning amount of waste. Introduce refillable water bottles into your home to minimize your family’s consumption and maximize your eco-friendliness.

In sum, by installing LED lighting, replacing old household appliances, and using reusable water bottles you can make your home more green. It’s important to do your part to minimize your impact on the environment. Every day at Solution 105 we help companies reduce their carbon footprint and save money on operating costs, ultimately helping the planet. Our employees work to create a more sustainable way of living โ€“ help us by embracing the above steps and we can all share a more environmentally-friendly future.