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Submetering: A Benefit to Everyone

If you are the owner or operator of a large office tower, retail mall, or chain of stores, you have an important responsibility to reduce energy usage. To become more aware of your electricity, gas, and water usage, the smart choice is submetering. Solution 105 enables you to understand your energy usage and as a result, save more, use less, and preserve the planet.

Reducing energy costs is easy with submetering. It allows property owners to understand where the most energy is being used and implement measures to control it. Consider the position of a large mall supervisor with the responsibility of paying massive utility bills. Submetering allows them to identify the equipment within the mall that is using the most energy. They can then refocus their savings efforts on these specific high-usage zones and drastically decrease their utility bill. The owner of a large corporation can benefit from submetering in a similar fashion. Running a company is about the bottom line. It involves bringing in the most money while reducing expenditures on everything, including energy costs. An owner will now have the ability to identify areas of their corporation that are using too much energy and consequently costing too much money. And that’s where the saving will start. Solution 105 makes sense of your energy and saves you money. Period.

Submetering supports conservation and efficient living. By letting tenants take control of their utility costs, they have a direct effect on how large their utility bill will be. Since they will directly benefit from their energy conservation, they will be encouraged to use less. On average, tenants use 15% less if they pay for it. Large corporations and buildings have a significant responsibility because of the amount of energy they consume. An efficient use of such a high amount of energy is of vital importance. By shifting the risk of high energy charges to the tenants, everyone assumes accountability and decreases their usage. Now that’s efficient living! Check out the rest of our blog for other efficiency tips.

The environment is the number one benefactor of submetering. The solid money saving incentive brought about by submetering further promotes smart and clean living. Submetering encourages everyone to take notice of the environment and our influence on it. Submetering preserves and promotes a healthy environment. And that is something everyone can get on board with.

Contact Solution 105 to start saving today. We make sense of all things energy. Live smart!